1. John Hogg, weaver in the parish of St Quivox, Ayrshire, Scotland.

2. "William Hog weaver son lawful to John Hog weaver in the parish of St Quivox and Jean Richmont daughter lawful to Matthew Richmont weaver in Ayr gave their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage ... were married on 29 November" 1698 in Ayr, Ayrshire.

Jean Richmont was born 5 November, 1677 to Matthew Richmont and wife Janet Gemmel of Ayr, Ayrshire.
The children of William and Jean Hogg were Matthew (1700), John (1702), William (1704), James (1706), and Janet (1709).

3. "William Hog son lawful to William Hog weaver in Ayr and Jean Richmont his spouse was born Tuesday 25 day of April 1704."

He "was proclaimed according to order" and married Agnes McCloonan of Maybole in Dailly, Ayrshire on 4 January, 1734.

Agnes McClewnan was christened 14, October 1713 in Maybole, Ayr to William McClewnan and Agnes Paterssone.
Their children were William (1735), Joan (1738), John (1740), James (1742), Agnes (1744). (Later births registered by William at Ayr are more likely to refer to son, William.)
William Hogg of Poundland, Ayr died 9 August, 1792, aged 89, of dysentry.

4. John Hogg was christened 13 April 1740 at Dailly, Ayrshire to William Hogg of Poundland. John Hogg, weaver in Poundland, married Margaret Crawford at Dailly, Ayr 5 Apr 1770

Their children were Agnes (1771), William (1772), John (1773), Graham (1776), Mary (1779), and Andrew (1782 - died 1783).
John Hogg, weaver at Dailly, died March 23, 1794, aged 54, of consumption.

His wife died December 23, 1808, aged 78 years, of asthma.

5. Graham Hogg was born and baptized at Dailly, Ayr, Scotland 29 May 1776 to John Hogg.

He married Agnes Scott 18 Mar 1797 at Eastwood, Renfrewshire.

Their children were: John (1799), William (1802), Margaret (1804), William (1806), Jean (1809), Graham (1812), Jean (1815), Robert (1816) and Mary Park (1818).
He died prior to 1839 (see below.)
1.Agnes Scott was born 21 Mar 1775 at Kilbarchen, Renfrew to William and Elizabeth (Lang) Scott.
2. Agnes Scott was christened 13 Apr 1777 at West or Old Parish, Greenoak, Renfrew to James and Janet Scott.

6. Mary Park Hogg was born 20 Sep 1818 in Glasgow, Lanark County, Scotland to Graham and Agnes (Scott) Hogg. One of the witnesses was Thomas Park.

On 22 Jan 1839 she was married to Robert Turner. The minister was John Peden, Burgher, of the United Secession Church, Regent Place, Glasgow.


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