Arthur (not Albert) Woodall wasborn November 30, 1873 at 5 Boscobel St, Tipton, Staffordshire to JosephWoodall, hammerman, and his wife Sarah (Ingram) Woodall. He was the third sonin a large family of eight sons and one daughter in this coal-mining area ofEngland. At the age of 17 he was listed in the census as an ironworker, but hemust at least have been a serious pianist at the time: ten years later, stillsingle and living with his mother, he described himself as a Professor ofMusic.

He married about 1903 and he andhis wife Annie settled nearby at Park Villas, 50 Talbot St in Brierley Hill,Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, where he remained for the rest of his life. Thecouple had at least one son, William Arthur, and one daughter, Margaret.

Woodall was an active pianist anda conductor of local choirs. The first mention found for him in The MusicalTimes is as an accompanist at a recital in nearby Stourbridge, where heaccompanied the well-know flute player, Edward de Jong. This is of particularinterest as de Jong was the editor of WoodallÕs Serenade for flute and piano, which was published in 1907 byRudall, Carte in their series the Flute PlayersÕ Journal. In 1910 Rudall, Cartepublished a second Woodall composition, Berceuse, also for flute and piano. Woodall is not known tohave had any more music published.

He continued to be mentioned inThe Musical Times through 1921 for his various musical activities, whichincluded serving as a competition judge, and can be assumed to have continuedthis life for some years more.

He died at home of a cerebralhemorrhage on March 24, 1952. His death certificate described him as a retiredmusic teacher.


John Wion, with help from SusanNelson, 2012