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Research in Germany provided by Jack Stover (jackdstoverATsbcglobal.net) shows that the Stober family descends from Johann Jakob Stober mayor of the village of Staffort in Germany who was born in 1626 and died October 23, 1691 at the age of 65. His wife Margareta was born in 1629 and died October 30, 1691. Their children included Johann Adam STOBER, born c1655-1659, married 16 Nov 1683 to Anna Catharina GAMER , Johann Jacob STOBER, born c1655-1660, died 6 Apr 1699, married 21 Feb 1682 to Anna Martha BATZENSCHLAGER, Johann Martin STOBER, born c1655-1660, married 18 Feb 1690 to Anna Catharina HEYD, Johann Peter STOBER, born c1660, died 27 Jan 1691, married 19 Jan 1684 to Anna Catharina __?__ , Johann Veltin STOBER, "son of the older villagemayor," born c1665, died 30 April 1718 @53y (He married on 3 Mar 1691 to Catharina Agatha STRAUSS, born 12 Sep 1672, died 8 Mar 1731, daughter of Hannss Jacob Strauss and Anna Catharina Hauth), Johann Georg STOBER, born c1670, married 7 Feb 1702 to Anna Barbara HOFFHEINZ , Johann Michael STOBER, born 29 Sep 1673, died 13 Jan 1747, married 13 Jan 1705 to Margaretha Barbara ERNST

Children of Hans Veltin and Catharina Agatha (Strauss) Stober (all born in Staffort)were Johann Valentin STOBER, wagner (cartwright), born 10 Sep 1692, died 1741 in Pennsylvania, married 26 May 1716 to Eva Barbara BAUER, daughter of Andreas Bauer, citizen of Oberanspach and Hohenlohe. [Note--Eva Barbara is shown as Anna Eva on the birth records of her children. Johann Valentin is our immigrant ancestor who arrived in Philadelphia on the snow "Molly" in September 1737.], Johann Jacob STOBER, born (Oct?) 1695, married first 10 May 1718 in Staffort to Catharina Barbara HEYD, married second 14 Aug 1736 in Staffort to Maria Eva HAUTH [Note--Johann Jacob also immigrated to America, on an unknown date.] , Catharina Agatha STOBER, born 3 Oct 1697, died 3 Mar 1770, married 24 Jan 1719 in Staffort to Johann Georg MEYER, Johann Georg STOBER, born 18 Jan 1700, died 4 Mar 1700, Johann Georg STOBER, born 22 Mar 1701, died 15 Dec 1712 , Anna Margaretha STOBER, born 24 Dec 1702, died 17 Jul 1703 , Anna Margaretha STOBER, born 24 Jun 1704, married 30 Jan 1725 in Staffort to Friedrich Hager , Catharina Elisabetha STOBER, born 14 Apr 1706, died 24 Aug 1707, Catharina Elisabetha STOBER, born 26 Oct 1707, died 7 Aug 1708 , Johann Wilhelm STOBER, born 29 Jul 1709, died 12 Feb 1772, married 30 Nov 1728 in Staffort to Elisabeth MALSCH [Reinhold Stober, current (1998) resident of Staffort, Germany, is the g-g-g-g-grandson of this couple.] , Johann Martin STOBER, born 12 Aug 1711, married 22 Jan 1737 in Staffort to Margaretta SEUSS , Johann Georg STOBER, born 6 Nov 1713, died 1 Apr 1714, Anna Catharina STOBER, born 7 Jul 1715, no further information , Johann Michael STOBER, born 23 Jul 1717, no further information

The children of Johann Valentin Stober and Eva Barbara Bauer, all born in Staffort, were:
Johann Valentin (b 5 Feb 1717), Eva Christina (b 24 Dec 1718), Catherina Agathe (b 12 Sep 1720), Johann Jacob (b 22 Aug 1722), Eva Christine (b 23 Sep 1724), Johann Wilhelm (b 25 Sep 1726), Anna Barbara (b 1 Nov 1728), Johann Martin (b 20 Dec 1729), Eva Barbara (b 30 Mar 1732), Johann George (b 18 Dec 1735)

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On September 10, 1737, the snow "Molly" brought our Stober ancestors to Philadelphia. Listed as passengers were Valentine Stober, Valentine Stober, Jr., and Jacob Stober. Only the names of the adult males were recorded. The family settled in Lancaster County, in Cocalico Township, where the senior Valentine died before February 2nd, 1741/2. On this date Letters of Administration were granted to Valentine Stover (signed Valentin Stober), Martin Weightman, and Thomas Bower. They made their appraisal of the estate at L 217. On November 8th, 1745, at an Orphan's Court in Lancaster, Thomas Bower and Martin Bower were appointed guardians over Martin, Eva, and George, orphan children of Valentine Stouffer, deceased, during their minority. In 1742 Christina Stober married Jacob Näss and Eva Stober married Nicholas Martin. In 1749 Valentine and Eve Stober were sponsors for a child of William and Margaret Stober, and William and Margaret Stober were sponsors for a child of Jacob and Anna Catherine Stober. In 1758 Valentine Stober advertised in the newspaper for his twenty eight year old brother, Martin, who had disappeared. From these facts we get a sketch of the early years of the Stober family in America.


There are two lines to trace down - the descendants of Valentine, Jr., and those of Jacob.

From his tombstone at Brickerville Lutheran Church in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we know that Valentine died January 14, 1778. On January 18, 1743, he was married by J. Caspar Stoever to Eva Elizabeth Beyer. Her tombstone states that she was born September 29, 1725, and died January 12, 1787. Their children (from baptisms at Brickerville and court records when Valentine died) were Eva Elizabeth (1743), William (1746), Margaret (1748 - 1830, married Leonard Miller), Catherine (1750 - 1774, married Christopher Miller), Barbara (1752, second wife of Christopher Miller), Valentine, Christina (1759, married John Peters), Frederick (1762), John, George (probably 1768).

Wilhelm Stober, the eldest son of Valentine and Eva Elizabeth Stober, was born in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. His birth was recorded at the Lutheran Church at Brickerville as April 29, 1746. Linn's "History of Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania" states that William Stover married Christina, daughter of John Michael Long, and had one daughter, Catherine, born on August 25, 1777, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. John Michael Long emigrated from Germany on March 16, 1752, with his wife and two children. Immigration records show that he arrived in Philadelphia on the "Beulah" on September 10, 1753. The records of the Hill Church in Pike Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, show that Anna Christina was born February 15, 1754, to Michael Lang and wife Christina. The records of the Brickerville Reformed Church confirm that Catherina was born August 25, 1777, to Wilhelm and Christina Stover of the Lutheran religion. Sponsors at the baptism the following month were sister Margretha Muller and her husband, Leonard. Another daughter, Christina, born January 9, 1780, must have died, if the statement in Linn (above) is correct. (Indeed the 1790 census of Cocalico shows William with only one child.) Linn continues that "William Stover was twice drafted during the Revolution, and was with the militia at Trenton in 1776, and at Brandywine and Germantown in 1777. He removed first to Centre Township, now Snyder County, and thence, in 1810, with his family and four grandchildren, to the oil - mill farm in Haines Township, now John Haines', where he died. He had over fourteen hundred dollars of Continental money, which proved a total loss to him." Records show that Lt. George Stober and privates Valentine and William Stober were in Captain John Jones Company of the Lancaster Militia on August 15, 1776. Wilhelm Stober died in 1824 according to his tombstone in Wolf's Chapel Cemetery in Haines Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Christina Stober was born February, 1754, and died June 19, 1827, according to her tombstone in the same cemetery. Their daughter, Catherina, married Johan Graf.


The second Stober line descends from Jacob who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1737 with his father Valentine Stober (Sr.) J. Jacob Stober married Anna Catherina Näsz on February 1, 1743, at Brickerville, Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The births of their first children were recorded at the same church - Eva Catherina (1743), Jacob (1745), Michael (1747), Maria Barbara (1749). The records continue at the Hill Church in Lebanon Township, starting with a re-recording of Maria Barbara. There follow Adam (1751), John (1754), Mary Elizabeth (1756) and Mary Elizabeth (1761 - apparently the earlier one died). The one missing record is for Frederick, in 1759, so we must look elsewhere for proof of his parents (see below). Most of this family ended up in Centre County, Pennsylvania, where their history is outlined, more or less correctly, in different histories.

The Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania (1898) states "Tbe first to come to that beautiful and fertile region was Jacob Stover, Sr., our subject's great-great-grandfather, a Huguenot, who was born, about 1715, in Alsace - Lorraine, then a part of France, and came to America with many other persecuted followers of his faith to settle in Lyken's Valley, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. About 1772 he visited Penn's Valley, and entered a large tract of land in what is now Haines Township, Centre County, extending from mountain to mountain. He never resided there, but, being well advanced in years, gave the estate to three of his sons, Jacob, Jr., our subject's great-grandfather, taking the northern portion, Adam the southern, and John the central. Another son of this worthy pioneer went to Canada, another, Michael, to Maryland, and (later) another, Fred, located in the eastern part of what is now Haines Township, near Woodward." (One can note in passing that Alsace was, at that time, a part of the German Palatinate, and that Dauphin County was not erected until 1785.)
Deeds recorded in Northumberland County show that in 1786 Jacob Stober and Jacob Hubler acquired some 3000 acres in Potter Township (now Haines, Centre), although Jacob and Adam Stover were residents there as early as 1776. They then divided that land in half by deed. Immediately thereafter Jacob sold parcels of about 200 acres each to Frederick Stober, Adam Stober, Jacob Stober, Jr., and Matthias Hess, a son-in-law (Other parcels sold at the same time appear to be to non-relatives.) In 1790 a smaller parcel (later enlarged) was transferred to John Stober. On October 9, 1804 (when he was 82) Jacob Stover, Sr., of Haines transferred part of his original plantation to his son Frederick as trustee for the Lutheran Church. It is not known how soon after this date Jacob Stober died. No estate papers were filed (one can asume the above deeds represented his patrimony), nor have tombstones for him or his wife been found.
There has been some confusion because there were three mature, married, Jacob Stobers in Haines Township by the end of the century. These were Jacob the eldest and wife Anna Catherina (at the time of these deeds his wife is referred to as Eve Catherine, presumably a second wife), their son Jacob (1745-1811) and wife Eva Weber, and the son of Jacob and Eva, Jacob (1769-1817) and wife Catherina Bower. Centre County Deed Book B, page 309 makes this clear. In 1803 Jacob Stover the elder, son of Jacob Stover the eldest, transferred some land in Haines Township to Jacob Stover, Jr.

Frederick Stober, according to his tombstone at Wolf's Chapel Cemetery in Haines Township, Centre County, was born June 21, 1759, and died September 9, 1837. His wife, Anna Hetzler, was born in 1767, and died on October 3, 1852. (The birth of an Anna Maria Hezel, daughter of Peter Hezel, was recorded at the Brickerville Lutheran Church on August 28, 1767.) Frederick's will gives his children as Jacob, David, Christina, Frederick, Michael, Elizabeth (married to George Grove), Catherine, Henry, and Martin. The first mention found of Frederick is as a tax payer in Potter Township, Northumberland County, in 1785. It is not known whether he married before leaving Lancaster County. By 1790, when he was listed in the first census of Northumberland County, he was married with 2 sons. We know from his tombstone that his son Jacob was born December 28, 1790. It would seem that the other son died, as the 1800 census of Haines Township listed him with 4 sons under 10 and one daughter under ten (Jacob would still have been nine when the census was taken during the summer). No birth record has been found for Elizabeth, but later records show that she must have been born about 1800. It is possible she was the daughter listed in the 1800 census. The Lutheran Church at Aaronsburg, Centre County, records the births of Heinrich (1795), Christina (1803), and Martin (1806).

Mention must be made of another Frederick Stober who lived in Haines Township at the same time. He was the son of Valentine (1712-1778) and a brother of our ancestor Wilhelm (1746-1824). This Frederick was born in 1762 (Brickerville) and died in 1845 (Wolf's Chapel). His wife was Catherine and his children were Catherine (1783), Frederick (1785), Elizabeth (1788), and Susannah (1790) (all Brickerville), George (1795), Johannes (1796) (both Aaronsburg).

The marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick and Anna Stober, to George Grove is described in the Graf Family.

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