According to "The Johannes Schwab Family" by James Jonas Swab (1994) our Schwab ancestor was John (Jacob?) Schwab, who was born in Germany Feb. 9, 1720 and migrated to Pennsylvania on the Halifax, arriving in Philadelphia on Oct. 20, 1754. He bought land in Berks County where he died Feb. 24, 1785, being buried at the Altalaha cemetery. His son, John Jacob Schwab was born around 1763. The first record that we can be sure applies to this ancestor is the 1767 tax list of Bethel Township in Berks County, Pennsylvania, wheye he owned 50 acres. It is not known how or when he obtained this land. By 1779 he owned approximately 100 acres in Bethel. His will provided for his wife Catherine as well as his eldest son Matthias, who was apparently dependent on others for support. The other children were Jacob, who was finally to inherit the plantation, Margaret, the wife of George Gross, Catherine, the wife of John Wolff, and Rosina. The records of Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken, Berks, show the marriages of the children of Jacob and Catherine Schwab. On May 17, 1780, John Wolf, son of August T. of Northumberland County married Anna Catherina Schwab, daughter of Jacob. On May 15, 1781, George Groff, son of George, married Anna Margretha Schwab. On June 26, 1785, Anthony Dooke married Anna Rosina Schwab. On September 18, 1786, John Jacob Schwab married Anna Maria Hezel.


The records of the Altalaha Church at Rehrersberg, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, show that Catherine was born July 4th, 1787, Julianna was born on June 1, 1790, J. Jacob was born on October 26, 1792, M. Margetha was born on June 24, 1794, and John was born on February 4, 1796. The family moved to Upper Paxton Township, in Dauphin County, around 1800. The records of St. John's Lutheran Church at Berrysburg continue the births of the children. Wilhelm was born July 27, 1800, J. George was born February 9, 1802, Anna Maria was born February 12, 1806, Susanna was born May 2, 1809, and Elizabeth was born July 10, 1811. The birth of Daniel on May 3, 1804 was recorded at St. David's Lutheran. Jacob Schwab bought 241 acres in Upper Paxton (later Mifflin) on June 12, 1800, and lived there until his death in 1819. His will, probated on April 20th, notes that his brother Matthias is still to be taken care of. It also mentions wife, Polly, and children - William, George, Daniel, Catherine, Julian, Jacob, John, Polly, Susanna, and Elizabeth.


John Schwab and his first wife Anna had two children baptised at St. David's Lutheran, Killinger, Dauphin County - Elizabeth, born February 5, 1815, and John, born December 12, 1818. Presumably his wife died as he married Margaret Jäger who was born in Dauphin County on December 28, 1802.

They settled in Walker Township, Mifflin County (Juniata County after 1831), Pennsylvania, some time before 1830, appearing in that census with 6 children. Apart from the two mentioned above, Catherine, who married Peter Durst, was born November 25, 1817, and George, who married Mary Bell, was born July 27, 1827. Twins were then born on January 11, 1838 - Henry and Mary Jane. These twins both married children of Benjamin Wian, Henry marrying Margaret and Mary Jane marrying Daniel. John Swab died when the twins were four, the only record being an inventory of his property filed in Juniata County on August 29, 1842. Margaret went to live with her son George in Brown Township, Mifflin County, and later to Centre County where the twins settled. She died on March 26, 1883, and was buried at Centre Hall, Centre County.

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