2003 revision

The following list is offered as a guideline to my Hartt students and not a requirement. However the pieces on this list generally speaking are the basic repertoire for a serious flutist and need to be studied at some level, some time. Advanced students could be a year or two ahead of these suggestions in some areas. Years five and six are more indications of further repertoire for advanced undergraduates than a syllabus for graduate students.

My graduate syllabus is more individually crafted to include material on this entire list not studied at the undergraduate level.

Students are urged where at all possible to buy their music which should be treated as an investment. When library copies are used the student does not have lifetime access to the important notations made during study. Photocopied music is illegal and must not be brought to lessons.


Incoming freshmen should bring the * material to their first lesson.


Basic material for tone & technique:

Moyse De la Sonorite
Taffanel/Gaubert 17 Exercises Journaliers* - guidelines
Wion Sing!


Students are expected to have studied Berbiguier and Andersen Op.33 already.

year 1 - Boehm 24 Caprices (International)* (or next unstudied étude)
year 2 - Andersen Op.15 (International)
year 3 - Jeanjean Études Modernes, Köhler Op.33/3
year 4 - Karg-Elert 30 Caprices, Castérède Douze Études
year 5 - Bitsch Douze Études, Bozza 14 Arabesques
year 6 - Mower Fingerbusters, Dick Flying Lessons


Orchestral Excerpts: (for Flute Majors - others if advised)

year 1 - Smith Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 1*
year 2 - Wummer Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 1 (Bach/Berlioz/Dvorak/Rimsky Korsakov/Rossini/Schumann/Smetana/Tchaikovsky) Vol 2 (Bach/Berlioz/Dvorak/Rimsky Korsakov/Tchaikovsky) Vol 3 (Bach/Franck/Liszt/Rimsky Korsakov) Vol 4 (Bach/Beethoven/Berlioz/Bizet/Borodin/Dvorak/) Vol 5 (Berlioz/Dvorak/Reznicek/Tchaikovsky/Weber) Vol 6 (Bach/Bruckner/Mendelssohn/Rimsky Korsakov/Rossini/Tchaikovsky)
- Wion Opera Excerpts Vol. 1 (Carmen), Vol 3 (Traviata)
year 3 - Wummer Orchestral Excerpts Vol 7 Beethoven Choral Fantasy/Berlioz/Mendelssohn/Rossini/Smetana/Verdi) Vol 8 (Brahms/Liszt/Tchaikovsky(Francesca&Romeo)/Thomas) Vol 9 (Bach/Bizet/Delibes(needs correction)/Mendelssohn/Rossini/Verdi) Wummer Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 1 (Debussy/Elgar/Hindemith/Kodaly/Prokofiev/Stravinsky(2)) Vol 2 (Mahler/Prokofiev/Ravel/Stravinsky) Vol 3 Mahler/Prokofiev/Ravel/Shostakovich/Sibelius/Stravinsky)
- Wion Opera Excerpts Vol 2 (Bohème), Vol 4 (Cav. Rusticana), Vol 5 (Pagliacci)
year 4 - Wummer Orchestral Excerpts Vol 4 (Mahler/Prokofiev/Sibelius/Stravinsky) Vol 5 (Debussy/Ravel/Stravinsky) Vol 6 (Mahler Lied/Prokofiev/Ravel) Vol 7 (Hindemith/Ravel Valses/Strauss) Vol 8 Debussy/Mahler Kindentotenlieder/Strauss/Stravinsky) Vol 9 Debussy/Dukas/Ippolotov-Ivanov/Prokofiev/Ravel(2)/Stravinsky(needs correction))
- Wion Opera Excerpts Vol 8 (Magic Flute), Vol 6 (Butterfly)
year 5 - Wagner Orchestral Excerpts
- Wion Opera Excerpts Vol 1 (Rosenkavalier), Vol 7 (Barber of Seville)
year 6 - Strauss Orchestral Excerpts
- Wion Opera Excerpts Vol 9 (Tosca), Vol 2 (Salome)

Unaccompanied solos:

year 1
Telemann 12 Fantasias (Musica Rara or Bärenreiter Edition)*
Honegger Danse de la Chèvre
Ibert Pièce
year 2
CPE Bach Sonata in A Minor (Amadeus Edition)
Bozza Image
Debussy Syrinx
year 3
Kuhlau Fantaisie in D Major Op.38 #1 (Bärenreiter Edition)
Varèse Density 21.5
Hoover Kokopelli
year 4
JS Bach Partita in A Minor (Bärenreiter Edition)
Hindemith Acht Stücke
Karg Elert Sonata Appassionata
year 5
Fukushima Mei
Berio Sequenza #1
year 6
Gryc 5 Preludes
Carter Scrivo in Vento

Flute & Piano:

year 1
JS Bach Sonata in Eb Major (Henle Edition or other urtext )
CPE Bach Hamburger Sonata
Hindemith Sonata
Milhaud Sonatine
year 2
JS Bach Sonata in G Minor (Henle Edition)
JS Bach Sonata in C Major (Henle Edition)
Reinecke Sonata "Undine"
Burton Sonatina
Taktashvili Sonata
year 3
JS Bach Sonata in E Minor (Henle Edition)
JS Bach Sonata in A Major (Henle Edition)
Martinu Sonata
Copland Duo
Poulenc Sonata
year 4
JS Bach Sonata in B Minor (Henle Edition)
JS Bach Sonata in E Major (Henle Edition)
Dutilleux Sonatine
Prokofiev Sonata
Muczynski Sonata
year 5
Sancan Sonatine
Gaubert Sonata #3
Humble Sonata
year 6
Boulez Sonatine
Dubois Sonata
Lieberman Sonata

year 1
Quantz Concerto in G Major (Breitkopf)
Chaminade Concertino (Flute Music by French Composers (Schirmer) is an inexpensive source)
year 2
Griffes Poem
Telemann Suite in A minor
Romberg Concerto (Wion)
year 3
Mozart Concerto in D Major (Bärenreiter Edition)
Bach Suite in B minor
Molique Concerto (Kunzelmann)
Vivaldi Piccolo C
year 4
Mozart Concerto in G Major (Bärenreiter Edition)
Reinecke Concerto
Ibert Concerto
Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto in A Minor
year 5
Hofmann Konzertstück
Nielsen Concerto
Mercadente Concerto e minor
year 6
Rivier Concerto
Lieberman Concerto
Lovelock Concerto

year 1
Enesco Cantabile & Presto (Flute Music by French Composers (Schirmer) is an inexpensive source)
Mozart Andante
Fauré Fantaisie
year 2
Ganne Andante & Scherzo
Taffanel Andante Pastoral & Scherzettino
Kennan Night Soliloquy
Huë Fantaisie
Rheinberger Rhapsody
year 3
Périlhou Ballade
Godard Suite
Doppler Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy
Martin Ballade
Widor Suite
year 4
Duvernoy Concertino
Gaubert Nocturne & Allegro Scherzando
Messaien Le Merle Noir
Schubert Variations
Jolivet Chant de Linos
year 5
Demersseman Sixième Solo de Concert
Gryc Shadowdance
Davidovsky Synchronisms #1 (with tape)
year 6
Böhm Grand Polonaise
Musgrave Narcissus

Chamber music:

Flute majors should be familiar with the following repertoire:

JS Bach 4 trio Sonatas
Beethoven Serenade w/vn & viola, Trio w/bassoon & piano
Debussy Sonata w/viola & harp
Janacek Mladi for wind quintet & bass clarinet
Mozart Quartets w/vn, viola, cello
Poulenc Sextet for piano & wind quintet
Rossini Quartets w/clt, hn, bn
Stravinsky Octet for winds
Weber Trio w/piano & cello

and wind quintets by

Barber, Carter, Dahl, Danzi, Fine, Francaix, Hindemith, Ibert, Milhaud, Klughardt, Nielsen, Reicha, Schönberg, Taffanel, Villa Lobos.

Where it is not possible to study the works in chamber music, students should listen to recordings and bring the flute part to a lesson for coaching.

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