The Flute Faculty hold auditions at the start of each semester to decide placement in the orchestra, band, and flute choir. Auditions are normally held behind screens and offer students the opportunity to become skilled at taking auditions of a professional nature. The material required consists of the solos most often requested at such auditions.

Less advanced students should try to prepare the more difficult excerpts at slow speeds, striving for accuracy of notes and rhythms. Such presentations will be well received by the panel.

The audition begins with the student playing an étude or unaccompanied solo of their own choice - something expressive is recommended.

This is followed by the orchestral excerpts in any order.
(References are to "Orchestral Exerpts" by John Wummer published in nine volumes by International Music Company.) There is currently some diffulty obtaining the Wummer series. All the excerpts are contained in Orchestral Excerpts by Jeanne Baxtresser.

Fall Repertoire (from Wummer, volumes I, IV, IX)

1. Beethoven - Leonora Overture #3 (Wummer IV p 22 bar 31 - 63)
2. Debussy - Afternoon of a Faun (Wummer I p 30 bar 1 - 4)
3. Mendelssohn - Midsummer Night's Dream Scherzo (Wummer IX
p 23 bar 50 - p 24 bar 40)
4. Prokofiev - Peter & the Wolf (Wummer I p 49 bar 1 - p 50 bar 4)
5. Stravinsky - Firebird (Wummer IX p 38 bar 1 - p 39 bar 19)
(This excerpt contains mistakes that need correcting)

Spring Repertoire (from Wummer volumes IV, V, VI, VII)

1. Dvorak - Symphony #8 (Wummer IV p 19 bar 41 - 72)
2. Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphoses (Wummer VII p 40
bar 17 - p 41 bar 13)
3. Prokofiev - Classical Symphony (Wummer VI p 42 bar 59 -
p 43 bar 9)
4. Ravel - Daphnis & Chloe (Wummer V p 41 bar 7 - 31)
5. Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals, "Volière" (Wummer VII p 62)

The audition ends with sight-reading.

Each item performed receives a maximum of 10 points for a possible total of 70 points.

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